is an open source project created for handling flightclub startlists and logbooks for pilots and plane.

A unified startlist across flightclubs

The source code is open source. In most soaring- and flightclubs the startlist is managed in various ways and often using pen and paper. is a common digital platform for soaring clubs, primarily aimed at supporting clubs in northern Europe (Scandinavia) but potentially global.

This is an attempt to combine our efforts and create a system, which we all can contribute to, use and benefit from.

How to get started

For more information on how to get started on using the platform please contact Jan Hebnes at

You can also visit the facebook page

What does the system do?

It is now possible to register your flights, see corrections, see statistics on dd/mm/yy, export to Excel (CSV) and log in to the system via Facebook and Google.
You can filter your search on club and maintain the same pilots and airstrips in all readings and statistics.

The system has three levels of users; a Club Pilot, an Editor and a Manager.
The Club Pilot can register flights and edit them for 48 hours. All changes are logged in the correction history.
The Editor can edit all flights after 48 hours, register new aircrafts and runways, and delete flights.
The Manager has the same rights as the Editor and in addition, the Manager can edit registered club pilots profiles.

The Login System is independent of the pilot-lists. If you want to register please contact your club Editor.

The Revision History works like a Wiki and anyone can see who edited flights at any time. This is possible until 48 hours after editing.

Adjust the system (for .Net developers)

The solution is based on ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework with a Code First approach to the database. It is possible to contribute to the source code through Github. The contribution is included in the source code provided that it is of general value to all clubs, and does not comprise a specialisation which introduces inconveniences to other users.

The basic idea is that the cashier of the club gets the flight-statistics once a month and club members helps editing comments for the flights continually. on on

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De viste flyvninger og summeringer er på baggrund af klubbens piloter og hjemmeflyveplads. Du kan altid ændre klub filtreringen i bunden af siderne.

Contact: Kristian Holm

Credits - use of 3rd party components

Component Copyright License Link
skyHop.FlightAnalysis Copyright Corstian Boerman GNU GPL-3.0
Icons from Flaticon

... and several other open-source public-domain packages. Please see the source if you need details.